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About the Working Draught Horse Expo...

The Jondaryan Woolshed's Working Draught Horse Expo (WDHE)
is a light and heavy working horse field day held annually since 1994
in the grounds of the picturesque woolshed museum complex.

This year it'll be on the 11-12th June 2011, and once again is very helpfully supported by Amalgamated Pest Control. As well as the full program of adult and junior competitive classes, and the Feature Ring talks and demos, there will be a special and unique display of "Log Stacking" each day, as done in the old days when clearing properties for farming.

There are typically over 100 ponies, light horses, percherons, clydesdales, draught horses
and more recently shires and gypsy cobs competing or being demonstrated in a range
of activities all weekend. There are stud or in-hand led classes for the various breeds,
as well as harness vehicle turnouts, obstacle courses, novelty events, ploughing, ridden classes,
plaiting and decorating heavy horses demos, and a large 'Junior handler' program.

The Feature Arena hosts assorted special demonstrations and displays all weekend,
including plaiting instructions, harnessing-up and opportunities for the public to be involved.

On Saturday night there will be a Bush Dance with the very talented and popular Habel Family, as well as competitor entertainment and support from the local Oakey Junior Music Club.

Click Here for a 2010 media article by APN on Finda dot com, and a gallery of pictures

As usual, there will be the Pleasure Drive on the Queen's Birthday monday morning.


Click here to download The 2011 Rule Book, and The 2011 Timetable, and The Entry Forms , and Competitors' letter of Invitation



Click here to go to a photo gallery of ploughing with the woolshed's team of five horses- 8th June 2010

Click here for a short 1 meg video of the ploughing team side-on, a video from behind, and a video cornering

Click here to go to a photo gallery from the 2009 event taken by Katy Driver

Click Here to go to the Jondaryan Woolshed's website and WDHE page

Some photos from past WDHEs are below:

A log-loading sequence of 'The Real Log Snig' course in 2007...

Junior Handler classes

John Chatterton's Natural Horsemanship demo

Scenes from the Pleasure Drive & picnic on Monday

One of the several ridden heavy horse classes:

Getting ready for ploughing:

Len O'Rourke ploughing with the woolshed's team, a couple of years ago:



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