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To order anything pictured here, please preferably email us using the link above, or telephone us.
We can then reply with bank BSB and account details for an internet transfer, or you can post us a cheque or money order.
We can also more accurately combine and calculate the postage charges for you, once we know what you'd like!

Heavy Horse Gifts, Grooming Accessories, Souvenirs, Books & Novelites for sale

Item Description Price Plus Postage & handling
(Prices are to Australian addresses only.)
'Shandy DVD' "Shandy: The last of the Call Leaders" - this 1 hour 10 minute DVD is finally out!

It tells a brief story of how Tim Peel broke-in and trained Shandy, a draught mare who lived to the very ripe age of 37, passing away in the year 2000.

The video features explanations and demonstrations of how Shandy can be driven as a 'Call Leader', entirely by voice command-no reins used at all in either the slide or the tip dray.

There is fairly extensive commentary on harnessing up and assorted other useful information, and it is all supported with captions or subtitles to help emphasise important points throughout the video.

(incl. post)

Special: Feather Razor + a set of 10 spare special blades

(the copper cover in the left photo is just a safety cover)

This special Feather Razor (TM), ideal for plucking and preparing feather-legged horses such as Shires and Clydesdales.

The special thinning blades d have a reputation as being the worlds longest lasting blades. They do a terrific 'non razored' looking job.

This deal with 11 blades is enough to last a good many many years of plucking and preparing horse feather!

$45.00 for the set consisting of the handle and one blade plus 10 spare blades,
inc gst & postage.
(inc post.)
  Draught Horse sized work ROPE halters

We have the very popular 'rope' halters with the crown knot under the jaw.
These are made with 3000 kg breaking-strain 8mm marine-grade braided rope.
They fit properly and work very well, and last very well too. (Beware of imitation ones made with cheap lookalike or pretend marine rope - they are junk, cheap, stretchy and breakable)

We also have 1.8 metre lead ropes in 20mm braided marine rope of 5000 kg rating, available as a permanent  attachment to the halter, or available with a large 'bull' snap clip. We have not yet known one of these snap clips to break.

horse not included!)

From $25.00
for the halter
alone-clydesdale full-size.

Clydesdale foal size halter also available.

Lead ropes and very strong bull-clip:

Weight 900 grams for one halter.

so a 3 kg prepaid postpack is most efficient $18.50




Enthralled-book-clydesdale history John Young   "Enthralled" is an appropriate title for this new book just published in mid 2015 by John Young.
For Clydesdale history enthusiasts, there is not one better. It contains a COMPLETE reprint of the great book by James Kilpatrick called "My Seventy Years With Clydesdales" printed in 1949 on Scotland.
As well, it includes a complete transcript of Wm Dunlop's famous 'Mingavie address' given to the members of the Clydesdale Horse Society of GB & I in 1935.
This speech went for many hours and even the abridged version when printed in the Scottish Farmer newspaper took up many pages in very fine print.

This book contains the entire speech/memoirs typed from the original draft that Dunlop handed to John Young's grandfather after he'd stepped down from the podium that night.
$32.00 Postage is $9.50
JInkers & Whims book draught horse timber logging WA   "Jinkers and Whims" is a terrific book by Jack Bradshaw all about the logging industry in West Australia.

If you like really detailed picture books, or great text, or both, this is a must-have. Jack spent most of his working life working for the WA Dept of Agriculture, and after retirement he researched and assembled this great 'pictorial essay' of about 150 years of Aussie logging & timber history.

-out of stock-

0.9 kg.

$16 for a
3 kg post pack to go interstate,
or $14.00 post inside Qld, for a 1kg pack.



"More than a Century of the Clydesdale in Qld - vol. 2" , publ. by the CCHS Qld Branch, July. 2009. Containing 15 chapters, 288 pages, over 600 pictures, with stories, technical information, statistics, and more. A4-size.

Click here for details of the contents & chapters







1.3 kg.

$18.50 for a
3 kg post pack





  "Horse Colour Explained" signed by Australian author Jeanette Gower.
144 pages in full colour.
About 23 x 18 cm.




"Heavy Horses"(in Australia)

following on from the 'Clydesdales' book (listed below) this book includes information on Suffolk Punches, Shires, Clydesdales, Australian Draughts and Percherons and many Australians involved with these great horses.

134 pages, full colour & black & white, with plenty of pictures

Out of Print and out of stock
at present,


$18.50 post for up to 3 kg
in Australia.


"Clydesdale and Working Horses-A Pictorial History,"

134 pages, full colour & black & white, plenty of pictures and assorted stories of some well-known identities in the heavy horse industry.

-out of stock-


$18.50 post for up to 3 kg


"Coaches, Carriages & Carts- Horse Drawn Vehicles in Australia," by Peter Foster

138 pages, hard cover, full colour,full of good photographs and pictures-this is a very useful and interesting reference book for those interested in Australian horse drawn vehicles and the associated trades..

-out of stock-


$18.50 post for up to 3 kg





The Secrets of Wheelwrighting - Timber Bending. This is the second book by Mike Hendrickson, written in his usual conversational style, and it details many lessons, tips and ideas he has learned over many years of setting up and running a business involving steam bending timber to make parts for horse drawn vehicles as well as for architectural features.

If you are interested in the subject of 'steam' bending timber, this book is worth reading!

$45.00 + post



please enquire re weight & postage costs and what can be combined with what.


The Secrets of Wheelwrighting - Tyres. This is the original but revised book by Mike Hendrickson, written in a very conversational style, explaining many intricacies of assembling wheels, but mainly the fitting of tyres. At the back is a chapter on using a rubber-tyring machine, as well as the setting up of the West's Patent Cold Tyre Setting machine which now operates at Sovereign Hill, Vic.

If you are interested in wheelwrighting, it is a book worth having!

They are a good complementary pair, together.

$45.00 + post



Both the Tyres and Bending books are no longer being printed and we have the last available stock of them.

please enquire re weight & postage costs and what can be combined with what.
Here is a new book in Mike Hendrickson's "Secrets of Wheelwrighting" - hot off the press in September 2015

  The Secrets of Wheelwrighting- Wooden Hub Wheels and More...

This new book covers wheel construction using historical mass-production machinery,  modern high-end workshop machinery, and also with hobbyist or typical home workshop equipment. It also covers wooden spoked car wheels, and fills in the information voids  to complement the other two books above.

-Written in Mike's usual style, it is definitely a 'must have' book!
$55.00 + post

$18.50 post but it can be combined with others.

Nobody in the world stocks and sells these three books as cheaply as we do!

For overseas enquiries-please contact us!
750g heavy, and a bit over A4 sized, x 1.5 cm thick, 255 pages, 500+ pictures
HOrsedrawn Mower Book  

The Horse Drawn Mowers
book by Lynn Miller.

This book is a most useful handbook,with hundreds of photos and drawings, the profusely illustrated text covers restoration, rebuilding, repair, and tuneup with a focus on the very popular McCormick Deering (International) No. 9. It also includes references to many other makes and models as well as resource information for updating cutter bar assemblies to new materials and functions.

$70 + post



a big weighty book of 352 A4-sized pages!

$18.50 postage for up to 3 kg



Horsedrawn Tillage Tools Lynn R. Miller's newest addition to his ambitious Work Horse Library. Hot on the heels of the tremendously successful Plows and Haying books, this volume lives up to the standard by offering an exhaustive collection of information on the art of tillage and cultivation along with over a thousand illustrations of discs, harrows, harrow carts, rollers, culti-packers, single row cultivators, straddle row cultivators, and unusual derivatives. 368 pages, soft cover. Out of Print
at present, sorry


368 pages-
a big book!

$18.50 postage for up to 3 kg

Horse Ploughs Book  

The Ploughing book by Lynn Miller.

with over 1,000 drawings and photos covering how to plough with horses using older equipment and new implements. In it are simple diagrams explaining tricky adjustments for both riding and walking ploughs. Detailed engineer's drawings of John Deere, Oliver, McCormick Deering, Parlin and Orendorff, Avery, and many other older manufacturers will be immensly helpful to folks restoring equipment. Also includes closeup photos and information on new makes of animal-drawn ploughs including Pioneer and White Horse.

$70.00 + post.

NEW ones are about to arrive soon -it's been out of print for over a year.


368 pages-
a big book!

$18.50 postage for up to 3 kg

Work Horse Handbook


The Work Horse Handbook, by Lynn Miller.

NEW second edition! . The original has become a classic and THE standard reference on working horses in north America. The second edition expands that reputation with hundreds of new drawings and photographs to illustrate the expanded text. From care and feeding through harnessing (which they call 'hitching') and driving: every aspect is covered. New subjects and material include; extensive equipment coverage including forecart advances, synthetic harnesses, new american harnessing apparatus, additional training and procedural information, care and feeding additions, additional breeds coverage, plus an expansive source directory. Find out for yourself why this American book is considered by thousands to be THE volume on working horses in harness. Plenty of practical information is relevant to Australia, also.

$70.00 + post

1.3 kg

386 pages

$18.50 postage for up to 3 kg

Training-Workhorses-Training-Teamsters book   Training Workhorses, Training Teamsters, also by Lynn R. Miller. This is a text combining two books in one and including 482 photographs and hundreds of drawings over 352 pages. This text covers the subjects of; training horses to work in harness - on the farm, in the woods, and on the road, correcting behavior problems with work horses - and training people to drive and work horses. $85.00 + post

New updated stock due in July 2018- it's been out of print for 18 months

1.3 kg

352 pages

$18.50 postage for up to 3 kg

  Sunshine Farm Implements - this book is largely a catalogue of Sunshine brand horse-drawn implements from the late 1930s. It is a great reference book, very useful to the new heavy horse owner or enthusiast in old machinery.

This has been superceded by the new HUGE H.V. McKay Sunshine hardcover book

$50.00 plus post

about 1.2 kg

$18.50 postage for up to 3 kg








Fabric items
Teatowels: assorted designs (all are of the same size, & mostly sepia coloured) :

1.Clydesdales (horse head) sepia only
2.Clydesdales-Stepping out with Power & Elegance
3.Teamwork-Stepping back in time
4.Ploughing-Stepping two and two together
5.Dalby District bagged grain industry
6.Aussie Country Music-a Bush Idyll, (with or without Dreaming in Dalby on top)
7.Cobb & Co coaching in Australia (full colour)
8. Reaping & Binding
Many other designs are in stock-please enquire)



Prices vary from $15.00

$19.50 each,

Many, many more in stock, not pictured- see Aussie Heavy Horses on Facebook for updates- about 20 designs!


100g each.
$3.50 post for one or two,
$6.00 for three






1. 2

3.(click the smaller ones to see them enlarged)

Plush Toys,
Stuffed Toys


1."Working Clyde", 7 inch (17.5 cm) standing, with collar & winkers. Bay.

2. Bigger "Rimsky", 15" (38 cm) standing horse as above. Brown. He IS big, and has been a consistent favourite.








100g each- sizewise, two will fit in one 500g prepaid post-pack at $10

Please enquire re postage..

Sizewise, "Rimsky" will fit in a 3 kg prepaid postpack, which is cheaper than paying to send an 800g parcel interstate. $18.50


The others are smaller.




clydesdale team mug
( click on any of the black photos to see them enlarged)


Ashdene fine bone nice quality china cups - the Magnificent Horses team of five

and also the Thoroughbred Horses design


Many new designs-please enquire- or see our Facebook page or our new sister site



Most designs of these horse mugs
$15.00 each, but the rare Magnificent Horses clydesdale one is $20 plus post - we have the only remaining scarce stock in Australia.




300g for one
1.1 kg for four
Please enquire,
the 3 kg postpack is the most efficient way to go at $18.50
and it holds four.

Scatter Trays- Ashdene(clickon it to see it enlarged) Scatter Trays/ Biscuit Trays
Thoroughbreds design to match the Thoroughbred mugs
$5.50 each,

14x18 cm,
180g each

$8.50 ea, $16 for 4


Sandwich Trays

in Working Partners series, and Thoroughbreds series
$12.50 38 cm x 16.5 cm.
Place Mats

Please enquire: New stock in-photos to be uploaded.

See Facebook- about 8 different series

As above
Drink Coasters
Please enquire: New stock in-photos to be uploaded.
as above  
(clickon it to see it enlarged)        

(click on either design's picture to see it enlarged)


Surface Saver or Cutting Board

(new & special)

made of tempered glass, virtually unbreakable, and of very high quality
- 31 x 41 x 1.5 cm in size

One design is available: Rosie's Foal

$10.00 ea 1.6 kg,
(but too big for a 3 kg prepaid postpack- needs individual postage-please enquire)
Pompom Horses
Novelty horse made of pompoms, attached to a pencil- kids love these! All colours available.
$5.00 each

$4.50 for one,two or three
  Brooches Assorted new jewellery on our Facebook page or sister site

Neclace & Earrings & Hatpins Visit our sister site
Key Rings Visit our sister site
Link To Gallery of clydesdale cards

Greeting Cards


(click the picture at left to go to a gallery of them all, or click this text: CARDS

20 different high quality blank cards with scenes painted by Almar Zaadstra

Visit our sister site

$4.50 ea

or five for $20.00

please enquire

Routed timber horse sign carved 3D

Stud, Farm or Property Signs

Assorted signs made to order, from
routed timber, routed high-density urethane foam,
carved 3D horse figures & lettering, gilded (gold-leaf) vee-grooved or incised signage, airbrushing, or ordinary painted or computer-cut lettering on flat aluminium-composite sheeting or steel.
Further examples are on the Traditional Signs website

We are also happy to just supply cut-out vinyl lettering for you to apply to your vehicle.

The sky is the limit!
Tell us your budget, and size requirements, and we can advise on options

individual collection, Australia Post, or courier, as required. We have sent signs all over Qld & NSW.
In the nearish future, we plan to have a "how-to" dvd on plaiting manes & tails available, and one on plucking a horse's feather!   In the meantime, look at the link on the left hand side of the main home page on tails or mane decoration,    
To order anything pictured here, please preferably email us using the blue link (right), or telephone us.
We can then reply with bank BSB and account details for an internet transfer, or you can post us a cheque or money order.
We can also more accurately combine and calculate the postage charges for you, once we know what you'd like!
Please contact us for enquiries or sales of the above items on 07 4692 8292 or email
Cheque, money-order or direct bank deposit, or Visa/Mastercard are fine- pleasecontact us for account details
Don't forget postage costs!


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