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These forums have been set up as an online community of heavy horse enthusiasts, breeders and and experts, many of whom are happy to respond fairly promptly with helpful answers to many questions and help with assorted problems relating to working horses.

There is a category for items for sale, as well as 'how to' for decorating and plaiting the draught horse for the showring, breeding, mares, foals, genetics and colour questions, working, harnessing, implements & horse-drawn vehicles help, upcoming and recent heavy horse shows, field days, training days and event notices, riding and ridden clydesdales, shires and heavy horses, feeding the draft horse, veterinary help.

They have been up and running since late February 2007, and have progressed in leaps and bounds with tremendous support from worldwide heavyhorse enthusiasts. As at Mid November 2008 we had 6500 posts, and over 100 contributors, (called 'members', though membership is free).

Support has been really well received with people from all states of Australia, plus New Zealand, England and Scotland joining in.

So...we look forward to having you join us andd helping out too!

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