Other Aussie Royal Show Contacts & 2012 dates:


26-28 July 2012

Ph: 08 8984 3091


9-18 August 2012

Ph: 07 3852 1831


7-15 September 2012

Ph: 08 8210 5211


22 Sept - 2 Oct 2012

Ph: 03 9281 7444


29 September - 6 October 2012

Ph: 08 9384 1933


8 October 2012
14 October 2013

Ph: 0011 6723 22751


11-13 October 2012

Ph: 03 6331 6044


24-27 October 2012

Ph: 03 6272 6812


24-26 February 2012

Ph: 02 6241 2478


29-31 March 2012

Ph: 07 4634 7400


5-18 April 2012
21 Mar - 3 April 2013
10-23 April 2014
2-15 April 2015

Ph: 02 9704 1111


27-29 April 2012

Ph: 02 6331 3175

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Percheron Society UK
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Sunshine Farm Machinery, Australia-historical
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Small Framers' Journal
The Horse (dot com) Equine Health Guide
Draft Horse Journal USA
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Heavy Horse World UK
Society of Ploughmen (UK)
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Stud Stallions website
Carlton Clydesdales
Aust Carriage Suppls SA
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Carol Stevens Photographer, website UK

Coopers' Brewery
Morpeth Trading Post NSW
Clydesdale Dining Restaurant, W.A.
rodeo events .com.au
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OVEDS online vet and pet store, for all equine,dog and cat products
Duneske Clydesdale Stud, Qld, Australia
Horse Talk TV website
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Matthew Gregory King, Shires & Clydesdales, UK
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